Risk Management and Compliance

The primary mission of the department of risk management and insurance is to minimize the adverse effects of losses due to accidents or other fortuitous events that may be inflicted upon the physical and human assets of the University.

To achieve adequate protection against loss, the department is responsible for the:

  1. Identification and analysis of risk and assessment of loss potential.
  2. Development and implementation of loss funding and risk financing mechanisms, including: assumption of risk through self-insurance or captive programs or the purchase of insurance coverage from commercial insurers.
  3. Elimination or reduction of risk through: the development and maintenance of loss prevention and safety programs, risk avoidance, or the transfer of risk to other parties.
  4. Claims control and litigation management.

The following is general information on insurance coverage and services provided by risk management and insurance. The descriptions of the insurance coverage afforded by the policies in force are complex and often can be interpreted only with reference to specific circumstances. Contact the risk manager at 487-2229 for additional information.



Coverage is provided for University-owned vehicles only. The policy provides protection for the University and the authorized driver for any liability resulting from accidents arising out of the use of the University-owned vehicle. The insurance company will pay all sums which the University or the driver shall become legally obligated to pay up to the policy limits. If the driver is found guilty of gross negligence, the policy may not provide protection.

The policy does NOT provide coverage for:

  1. the loss of personal property (luggage, clothing, etc.)
  2. bodily injury occurring to a University employee (bodily injury is covered by Workers Compensation)
  3. guest passengers, including spouse
  4. unauthorized drivers
  5. privately-owned vehicles on official University business
  6. rental vehicles (coverage provided by the Michigan Tech procurement card or through the purchase of the rental company's liability insurance)

Error & Omissions -- Wrongful Acts

Covers all amounts the University is legally obligated to pay for the legal defense and damages incurred as a result of a claim against the University, employee, Board of Trustees member, or an individual serving on a board approved in advance by the university. Coverage includes any alleged error, misstatement, misleading statement, act, omission, neglect, or breach of duty arising while acting in good faith during performance of duties.

Foreign Travel

Coverage is provided to employees traveling outside of the United States on University-related business only.

Group Travel Accident

Coverage provides Accidental Death and Dismemberment to all individuals traveling on University-related business only.

Liability - General

Covers all amounts the University is legally obligated to pay due to negligence which results in personal injury and/or property damage to others. Coverage is provided to the University, the Board of Trustees, and all persons, including volunteers, acting, or deemed by the University to be acting, within the scope of their duties or while performing services on behalf of or under the direction of the University.

Note: A claims investigation will be conducted. No admissions of responsibility or commitment to pay for damages should be given.


Coverage is provided for damage sustained to most University-owed property due to sudden and accidental occurrences. Coverage is also provided for University property in transit or property loaned to the University.

Special Services

Bloodborne Pathogens

A bloodborne pathogens program has been established to protect the "potentially at risk" employees against Hepatitis B. Various supervisors select the individuals eligible for the vaccinations series which is administered by the Portage Health System.

Certificates of Insurance

To obtain proof of insurance, a written request and/or a copy of a contract, if applicable, must be sent to risk management with the following information:

  1. To whom the certificate is to be issued
  2. Group or individual requesting the certificate
  3. Individual responsible during the activity
  4. Events or services: purpose, location, time period
  5. Type of insurance for which proof is required

Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse

A drug and alcohol substance abuse program has been established to comply with Federal Highway Administration's Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing regulations. The regulations mandate testing and other action for University employees who are required to possess a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

In-Service Training

Special Training sessions and/or evaluations are available upon request.