Chapter 4: Identification

Financial Services and Operations provides the official identification tags for each capital equipment item.  The federal government or individual sponsor may require additional identification decals to be affixed to property they own.  In addition, some departments elect to tag minor or sensitive equipment by use engraving, permanent marker, or paint to identify property.  Supplemental property tags for minor or sensitive equipment are available by contacting Financial Services and Operations.


Capital equipment which is purchased, donated, borrowed, fabricated, or leased is added to the inventory database and identified with a property tag and unique number. 

Financial Services and Operations will forward an instruction sheet, a University tag, and equipment tagging form to the department equipment coordinator, for all capital equipment acquired.

Tagging of equipment should be completed immediately after receipt of the property tag in order to document the equipment in the University’s Financial Services and Operations Fixed Assets System.

Federally-owned equipment also requires a "Property of U.S. Government" tag, furnished by Financial Services and Operations. This tag should be placed on the equipment next to the Michigan Tech property tag.


Affix the tag to a solid and clean surface where the tag can be easily read. Locate the tag in the upper left front (as user faces the item) of the most expensive part of the equipment. Avoid placing the tag on a surface subject to heat, vibration, etc. Complete the Equipment Tagging Form, sign and date the form and return it to Financial Services and Operations.

Some exceptions for not tagging an item recently purchased or received by a department are:

  • The item is too small for a tag.
  • There is not reasonable space on the item available for the tag.
  • The conditions of the item’s use makes it unreasonable to tag.

If any of the above exceptions apply, do not put the tag on the item. Contact Financial Services and Operations, or return the tag with an explanation. If the item has no serial number or cannot be tagged, permanently mark the item with the University tag number using an indelible marker.