Undergraduate Admissions

Summer Course Option

New undergraduate first-year and transfer students planning to enroll as degree-seeking students for the Fall 2020 semester are invited to take up to two courses during our summer semester. The summer semester is divided into two tracks–Track A (May 11–June 26) and Track B (June 29–August 13). Only one course may be taken per track.

All summer courses are offered online or via remote instruction.

Select courses for summer 2020 are available at a flat, discounted tuition rate of $500 for a 3-5 credit course or $150 for a 1-2 credit course. This rate is for both Michigan and non-Michigan residents and includes all course, lab, and online technology fees. Please note, your student bill may initially display the full cost for the course(s). Allow between 2-3 business days for your bill to update to reflect the advertised discounted rates.

Books and supplies are an additional expense not covered by tuition and fees. To keep the cost of these courses low and at the designated flat rate, scholarships will be applied toward the total cost; additional financial aid is not available. 

Registration for Track B courses closes at Noon on June 19. Payment for Track B courses is due June 24.

As you consider this option, please keep these things in mind.

  • These are college level courses covering the full semester of content in an accelerated format over seven weeks—expect a 3-credit course to meet for 6 hours of online instruction per week, with additional expectations for homework and assignments outside of class. 
  • You will be earning college credit; the course and grade will appear on your official college transcript and will be used to calculate your Michigan Tech grade point average. 
  • This is an educational opportunity and a chance to jumpstart your Michigan Tech experience. We’re ready to help you if you need it. Make sure you're ready to commit to giving your best effort.

Important Dates

Track A
Date Item
May 1 (noon ET) Deadline to register for a course
May 4 Online orientation
May 6 Payment due date
May 11 Classes begin
June 26 Exams
Track B
Date Item
June 19 (noon ET) Deadline to register for a course
June 22 Online orientation
June 24 Payment due date
June 29 Classes begin
August 14 Exams

Available Courses

Track A courses are available May 11–June 26. Track B courses are available June 29–August 14. 

Summer Course Registration

New students planning to enroll for the first time in Fall 2020 may take a maximum of one (1) course during Track B.


As an incoming or first year student, you may have questions. Visit our Summer Course Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Tips and Tricks for Success-Free Webinar Series

Dates: July 9, 14, 16, 21, 23 | Time: TBD

Join Dean Janet Callahan (College of Engineering), Dr. Glen Archer (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Dr. Audra Morse (Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Dr. John Gierke (Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences) as they provide practical tips on problem-solving, technical learning, and other tips and tricks for success. Based on “what I wish someone would have taught me before I started,” these approaches will help with all technical coursework (physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, among others). The series is suitable for anyone in grade 8 and higher.