Communication, Culture, and Media

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My Michigan Tech: Abby Kuehne

Abby talks about choosing her major and Michigan Tech. The short answer? Vital hands-on experience through numerous opportunities.

Do culture and media.

The world needs creative, critical thinkers—in journalism, film and media studies, communication and advocacy. Navigate media industries, and make your own mark.

Communication, culture, and media allows you to combine critical and creative thinking with the power of technology, media, and language to advance cultural diversity and social justice in an increasingly complex globalized world. Customize your degree through a career track in film and media studies, digital media, or social media and journalism.

Brainstorm, design, and produce print and digital publications. Work on client projects in CinOptics Enterprise.

Be Ready for What Tomorrow Needs:

  • Get involved with the CinOptic Communication and Media Enterprise -- a student-run business team that works to design products such as marketing materials, websites, and more for clients at Michigan Tech and around our community.
  • Produce a documentary of an Upper Peninsula cultural event or other digital media research projects.
  • Learn from world-class faculty in a program that embraces a liberal arts education with a technological spin.

Create the Future with Careers In:

  • Program Coordination
  • Corporate Communications
  • Translation
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Community Affairs Liaising

Huskies Get Hired By:

  • Apple
  • Discovery Channel
  • Ford
  • High Schools
"People who love art, unfiltered nature, and winter would like Michigan Tech. There are so many opportunities to perfect art skills, enjoy hikes, and experience winter sports and activities." Abigail Kuehne, Communications, Culture and Media, Psychology

Customize your Degree:

Minors available in:

  • Communication Studies
  • Diversity Studies
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • Journalism
  • Media Production
  • Modern Languages--French, French International, German, German International, Spanish, Spanish International
  • Writing

Take Courses Like:

  • Communication and Culture
  • Technology and Culture Theory
  • Media Industries
  • Environmental Communication
  • Public Speaking and Multimedia
  • Research and Writing in Communication Studies

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