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Undeclared: Exploring Majors

Need to choose a major? Go exploring.

At Tech, you don't have to decide on a major to start building your career path. We want you to find your place among the innovators, problem solvers, artists, and critical thinkers by exploring the undergraduate BA or BS degrees we offer—in science, technology, engineering, math, forestry, business and economics, health professions, humanities, social sciences, and the arts.

With more than 120 degree programs offered at Michigan Tech, we understand that choosing just one can be overwhelming—and we recognize that exploring majors is part of a successful college journey, especially for students who have a lot of interests.

The exploring majors program gives you space to find the major that's right for you. You'll have the advantage of time (up to three semesters) to explore different majors without delaying graduation or losing money pursuing a major that may not be what you expected.

Your dedicated academic advisor will help you explore your unique talents, interests, and career goals through one-on-one discussions and the Exploring Majors course. In the semester-long course, current students from a variety of majors will visit your classroom and discuss what they study in their programs to give you ideas and inspiration for your own studies. As you weigh your options, your advisor will also help you select courses that fulfill bachelor's degree requirements and your general education credits, so you don’t lose time to graduation in the process.

Interest-Focused General Programs

The undeclared: exploring majors program is a great option if you have a wide range of interests across multiple disciplines. It's great to be open-minded, curious, and ready to explore! However, if you're leaning toward a specific field of study, it may be better to start out in one of Tech's interest-focused general undecided programs (especially if you're considering engineering). These general programs still provide you with additional time to choose your major after you get to campus, but can also help save you time by narrowing down your options from the start and pairing you with an academic advisor who specializes in your area of interest.

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General Engineering

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If you’re considering majoring in engineering (even just a little), we strongly encourage you to start in general engineering. The engineering curriculum is very strictly planned at MTU—starting in a different program and later changing to engineering could result in additional coursework and delay your time to graduation. This option ensures you get the foundational classes needed to stay on track and graduate in the least amount of time. You’ll have up to three semesters to make a well-informed decision about which specific major is for you—engineering or otherwise.

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General Science and Arts

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The College of Sciences and Arts (CSA) offers more than 30 majors in the arts and technology, health professions, humanities, natural and physical sciences, and social sciences. If you’re interested in one of these areas, this program gives you up to three semesters to explore everything CSA has to offer. To give you ideas and inspiration for your own studies, you’ll take a semester-long Exploring Majors course where you’ll hear from students studying a variety of different majors.

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General Computing

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Start on a path to choose the computing major that’s right for you. You’ll complete foundational courses in a cohort of first-year students and take computing courses with a team of up to five students. When you find your perfect fit after a semester (or two), you can seamlessly transition into that degree program.

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General Pre-Health

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This is a great option to select if you’re interested in pursuing a career in health professions. Our pre-health advisor will help you learn the many degree options available to you at Tech to prepare you for what’s next—from biological sciences and medical laboratory science to biomedical engineering. You’ll have support as you select your major and will be prepared with the right prerequisite courses needed to apply to professional schools in the future.

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General Business

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If your passions lie in the business world—including engineering management—a STEM-focused business major might be right for you. Starting in general business gives you the opportunity to explore eight majors in the College of Business while taking courses that fulfill future degree requirements and general education credits.

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General Forestry

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Take up to three semesters to decide which of the six majors in the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science is best for you. Your advisor will help you choose classes based on your interests while making sure you’re meeting requirements for your potential choices.

Still exploring?

We'd love to help! Request more information, schedule a visit and meet with the academic department of your choice, or connect with your regional admissions manager. Or, apply now into one of our many undecided programs now and keep your options open!

"The exploring majors program allowed me to connect with decided students on campus and understand what majors at Tech are really like. Because of the program, I'm considering careers that I would have automatically said 'no' to previously."Ingrid Sokup, former exploring majors student
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