Computational Chemistry and Chemical Informatics

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Computational chemistry and chemical informatics is at the intersection of chemistry and information technology. You'll develop an in-demand skill set combining a technical understanding of chemistry with computer expertise to support investigation of chemicals and materials that are not practical for laboratory analysis, model individual molecules or the behaviors of chemical compounds within the natural world, or develop information-storage solutions at the molecular level.

Research-based learning takes place in our seven labs with state-of-the-art equipment—from mass spectrometry to DNA/RNA synthesizers. With a degree in computational chemistry and chemical informatics from Michigan Tech, you'll be prepared for a variety of fields including pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, forensic science, medical and graduate school, or even careers in public health. You can also earn a master's in one additional year through the Accelerated Master's program.

"My first visit to Michigan Tech was my junior year in high school and I immediately fell in love with the campus and the Chemistry Department. Chemistry faculty was able to direct me to the computational chemistry and chemical informatics degree, combining my passion of chemistry and computer programming." Ali Carpentar, 2016, Cheminformatics Software Engineer, Watson Health, IBM

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