Computational Biology

Computational Biology data collection sheet to then enter into computer.

Technology, meet biology.

Computational biology is a fusion of biology and information technology. Specialists use computational analyses to study the vast information provided by modern molecular biology—such as DNA sequences. You’ll be prepared to analyze data that may support the creation of new pharmaceuticals, treatments for life-altering diseases, improvements in crop production, or protection of the environment.

Set yourself up to work in high-demand fields on the frontier of data handling—genotyping, genomic sequence analysis, database administration, and pharmacogenomics. Get paid to conduct a research project with help from Michigan Tech faculty. Help other students in the Biological Sciences Learning Center or the College of Computing Learning Center. Use leading technology, like DNA sequencers. Develop real-world products with industry partners. You can also earn a master’s in one additional year through our Accelerated Master’s program.

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