Travel Policy

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that travel over 50 miles on behalf of their organization at Michigan Tech, regardless of the mode of transportation, are required to adhere to the RSO Travel Policy (found below) and to complete the RSO Travel Policy Form and the RSO Travel Itinerary Form in its entirety. This form includes signatures of each organization member traveling, an emergency contact, and a separate attached itinerary for travel. This form must be submitted to Student Leadership and Involvement at least two business days prior to the travel departure date and is required. 

RSO Travel Policy Form RSO Travel Itinerary Form

If you are traveling over 50 miles on behalf of a registered student organization of Michigan Tech, regardless of mode of transportation, each participating member must read and abide by each of the following:

  • All behavior of traveling members must comply with Michigan Tech’s Board of Trustees Policy 7.5.3, “Expect that accepted standards of good taste and University policies be observed in the social conduct of an organization.”
  • Use or influence of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly prohibited while traveling in a vehicle on behalf of a registered student organization (Required medications that do not impair driving ability or cause drowsiness are permitted.)
  • All drivers and passengers in vehicles must wear a seatbelt.
  • If using a personal vehicle, the vehicle must be properly registered and insured*

*Organizational members traveling in personal vehicles are subject to the insurance limits carried by the car owner’s auto insurance.  The individual driver is responsible for the insurance coverage and passengers should make sure that there is adequate insurance coverage on the vehicle.  The University does not provide any coverage for vehicles not owned by the University. 

  • Drivers must have a valid license and a safe driving record.
  • Before traveling, the organization members traveling should check ahead for weather conditions, and in the event of inclement weather, adjust their plans accordingly. Drivers are expected to exercise good judgment and should not travel when conditions are unsafe, for example, if National Weather Service advisories, watches or warnings are issued for fog, heavy rain, snow, icy conditions or other hazards. 
  • Travelers must complete the RSO Travel Policy Form and return the form and supporting documents to Student Leadership & Involvement in MUB 112 or at least two days prior to travel. Please include a basic Travel Itinerary laying out the Times and Locations.

Organizations that do not comply with this policy risk the loss of future travel funding opportunities through the Undergraduate Student Government and will not be approved for future motor vehicle rental through the University.  


If traveling in a University owned vehicle, you and your organization must follow all Husky Motors guidelines set by Transportation Services.

If a student organization intends to use a Husky Motors vehicle, the Husky Motors Vehicle Request Form must also be completed and submitted to Student Leadership and Involvement before the vehicle reservation may be confirmed.  For Husky Motors vehicles, the insurance is provided by Michigan Tech. 

For instructions on reserving a Husky Motors Vehicle, student organizations should visit our Travel Page.

The use of any University vehicle is restricted to the conduct of official University business, and any use for personal business or pleasure is prohibited.  Any usage of University vehicles for anything other than official University or RSO business may result in:

  • Your organization not being protected under the provisions of the University liability insurance. 
  • The loss of future funding for travel from the Undergraduate Student Government.
  • Individual and/or organizational Code of Community Conduct charges (See "Representation" and "Services" under "Prohibited Conduct" in the Code of Community Conduct, available at the Office of Academic and Community Conduct.)