Swipe Access to the Student Organizations Office (MUB 106)

Students may request swipe access to MUB 106 (the Student Organization Office) if they have a need to access the room after regular business hours.  (This is most common for organizations like the Memorial Union Board, The Lode, SWE, SLS, and other groups with offices in MUB 106.)  Once the request is processed, students are able to swipe into the MUB after hours and also MUB 106.  The first card swipe is at the top of the stairs just before the Bookstore entrance, and the second swipe is at the door to MUB 106 across from the Alumni Lounge. 

Card access is valid until the end of the current academic year.  Any students needing access in the summer or for the following academic year will need to submit another request at that time. 

Executive board members may submit a list of members who need access.  The list should include the full names and usernames of all members that need access. 

Requests for access may be made in person in the Student Leadership and Involvement Office in MUB 112, or by emailing activities@mtu.edu.