Keweenaw Day - September 9, 2022

Music, sun, and lots of fun!  That's right, get ready to embrace sand and summer with this beach vibes themed student organization fair.  Mark your calendars.  You don't want to miss the bus to the beach.

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What is K-Day?

K-Day, short for Keweenaw Day, is an annual tradition at Michigan Tech held on the Friday of the week of Labor Day. It is a registered student organization fair with around 200 groups in attendance. Each year on K-Day, classes release at noon so our students can learn about ways to get involved and connected at Tech.  K-Day typically sees around 3,500-4,000 students participate, so be sure to check out this amazing event both virtually and in-person so you don't miss out!

Why should you participate?

There is plenty to do at K-Day and this year is no different! This event is a great opportunity for incoming and returning students to connect with many student leaders, discover organizations they might want to join, and become a part of a community that best align with and will also challenge students’ personal values! Best of all, more than 150 of Michigan Tech's Registered Student Organizations will have virtual events and booths set up all throughout campus so you can learn more about them and learn how you can get involved. With well over 240 Student Organizations at Michigan Tech, there is something for everyone!

How do you participate?

Below are two sections that will specifically focus on Student Attendees and Participating Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).  Please click on the corresponding section to learn more.  The Attendee’s section will have general information about the event and will provide updates as we get closer to the event.  The Participating RSO section will provide RSO's with direction on how to get signed up and prepare for the events.


K-Day is sponsored by Fraternity & Sorority Life and Student Leadership and Involvement.  

Michigan Tech is proud to have our 20 fraternities and sororities volunteer and lead in order to make this event possible each year.