GRIT Leadership Workshop

G.R.I.T: Goals, Resilience, Individual, and Teams

G.R.I.T is an interactive virtual leadership workshop designed for our amazing students to learn about their own leadership skills, develop in the areas of self motivation and perseverance, and how to identify challenges and overcome them as a team. This workshop will combine a great mixture of synchronous and self-guided content, along with interactivity. 

G.R.I.T. will be held again in Fall 2021. 

Prizes and giveaways are available for those that participate.

A limited number of registrations are available. Register early to receive the Zoom Link.

Learning Goals

As a result of attending G.R.I.T., students will be able to:

  • Define leadership skills to individual values.
  • Develop in the areas of self-motivation, perseverance, and accountability
  • Identify practical leadership skills to grow from the challenges facing them.
  • Commit to an individual and organizational goal that can be accomplished.