Student Leadership and Involvement

Become a Registered Student Organization

Benefits of RSO Status
 Benefits of RSO status

How to Create a New Student Organization

  1. Check the list of existing student organizations on Involvement Link to verify that there is not an organization already dedicated to your interests.

  2. Find 10 interested students to be members of your organization.  These members can include the proposed officers.

  3. Officers must maintain a minimum of a 2.25 GPA, both cumulative and most recent semester.

  4. Your organization name must be in good taste and reflect the purpose of the organization. 

  5. 4Find a full-time regular (not temporary) employee of the university, either faculty or staff, willing to be the organization’s advisor.  

  6. Complete the Student Organization Registration Form and Membership List

  7. Draft a constitution. Learn more about creating a constitution here.

  8. Schedule an appointment with a staff member in Student Leadership and Involvement to review completed paperwork by emailing

  9. You will receive notification of official registration via email.

New student organization registrations are accepted by Student Leadership & Involvement beginning in October of the academic year, and status is valid from the date of approval for one year, or until the registration deadline of the following fall semester. Student organizations MUST re-register each year in the fall.