Undergraduate Orientation

August 20-25, 2023 is Fall Orientation

Fall 2023 Undergraduate Orientation

First-Year Orientation
As a first-year student, you will participate in a week-long program as a member of a team of 15-25 students who share your area of study. In 2023, the first year orientation program will begin just after noon on Sunday, August 20 and run until the afternoon of Friday, August 25. Classes start the following Monday, August 28.

Students! If you are arriving by plane or bus for orientation, between the dates of August 13th and August 19th, there is a shuttle that will pick you up and take you directly to your dorm, your apartment, or your house. This shuttle will pick you up either at the Houghton County airport, the Shottle Bop in Hancock (bus), or if your last stop is in Chicago, from there as well.
There is a small fee for this service. Once you fill out the Fall 2023 Transportation form, a link will be sent for you to purchase your ticket. This form is for domestic and international students attending Michigan Tech.

During first-year orientation, you will get a chance to know your classmates, meet your academic advisor and department, explore resources and opportunities on campus, and make decisions about your future. You will also discover ways to stay healthy, excel academically, get involved, become a student leader, and more. Your time at Tech will be incredible and orientation will help you learn how to make the most of it!

If you are a transfer student, please consider enrolling in the First-Year Orientation Program as the best possible way to start next year.

August 23, 2023 is Transfer Orientation

Transfer Student Orientation
If you bring in more than 30 credits that you earned as a college student at another institution, you will attend a 2-hour session on campus August 23 with more information coming out this summer.  Keep checking your mailbox, emails and you can always come back to this site for more information.

Mid-year Orientation - Spring 2024

Mid-year orientation will take place on January 8, 2024. More information coming in November 2023.

For more details or any questions about these programs, contact the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success by email at orientation@mtu.edu, by phone at 906-487-3558, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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