Student Leadership and Involvement


Michigan Tech is committed to providing an environment that is respectful and supportive. If you have a concern that you believe impedes these efforts for you personally, or for a friend or colleague, and want more information, please click on button below. Additionally, to report your concern, click on the button below.

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Greek Alphabet and Dictionary

Here you will find a helpful dictionary for Greek Life.  Students who have recently joined a fraternity or sorority or those interested in joining are encouraged to become familiar with the letters and terms and this link can help.

Parents & Family

Here you will find a few quick tips for parents/family members with students interested in joining the Fraternity & Sorority community.

Harm Reduction

Here you will find resources regarding harm reduction including policies, educational material, best practices, etc.

Greek New Member Registration Form

Any time a fraternity or sorority adds a new member, that organization must be sure to submit a completed new member registration form to Student Leadership and Involvement.  They must also add the new member on their organization's Involvement Link page, too.