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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - Certificate

The Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare certificate program is also available online.

Acquire Skills to Innovate Modern Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is driving innovation and transforming modern medicine, using vast digital health datasets to improve health care operations, safety, and delivery. It provides tools for enhancing the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of information and communication systems. These improvements enhance individual and population health outcomes, improve patient care, and strengthen clinician-patient relationships. Professionals in this field are employed by hospitals, clinics, private practices, corporations, government units, and insurance companies. 

This certificate, developed by the Department of Applied Computing’s MS in Health Informatics, was developed to provide current Michigan Tech graduate students and clinical and information technology professionals with the tools to reinvent health care.

What you need to know

The Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is a 9-credit program offered both on campus and online. Students will take two required courses and one elective course over two semesters. For elective courses, students will be able to choose one course from three available options. Candidates with work experience in clinical and information technology environments can also apply. 

Students will learn to combine patient care with AI tools to augment their practice as health professionals. The curriculum builds skills to help students optimize resources, enhance clinical quality, detect health care fraud, and improve patient outcomes and access to care while decreasing costs.

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