Master's in Health Informatics

The Health Informatics Graduate Program requires 30 credits of course work and/or research for the MS degree. The program offers core courses and three focus areas separate from its core courses. A custom plan of study for is formulated for each individual as they enter the program.

Program Requirements

  • Health Informatics Graduate Foundations Courses (12 credits)
  • Focus Areas (9-18 credits)
  • Elective courses or Report option or Thesis option (6-10 credits)

Foundation Courses

Four courses or 12 credits are required under coursework, report, and thesis options to provide foundational health informatics knowledge prior to completion of individual focus areas and/or research credits. Successful completion of these courses will result in a student earning the Foundations of Health Informatics graduate certificate. The curriculum's core courses are as follows:

  • SAT 4650: Applied Computing in Python Programming (3 credits)
  • SAT 5001: Introduction to Health Informatics (3 credits)
  • SAT 5111: Security and Privacy (3 credits)
  • SAT 5131: Systems Analysis and Design (3 credits)

     This foundational graduate certificate is coming soon!

Focus Areas and Respective Courses

  • A minimum of six courses or 18 credits from the Focus Areas are required under the coursework option.
  • A minimum of four courses from the Focus Areas are required from the report option
  • A minimum of three courses from the Focus Area(s) are required for thesis option.
  • Each Focus Area's graduate certificate requires a minimum 9 credits, providing students with the opportunity to stack 9-credit focus area graduate certificate(s) under the Foundations of Health Informatics (12 credits) certificate as they complete their MS in Health Informatics from Michigan Tech.

Elective Courses

A maximum of two courses or six credits may be used for elective credit.

  • Any SAT 5000 level course not taken from above
  • MA 5790: Predictive Modeling *
  • BA 5200: Information Systems Management  * 
  • FW 5083 : Programming Skills for Bioinformatics 
  • MA 5781: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

* = Required courses to earn Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Curriculum Options

The program also permits three curriculum options: a thesis option, a report option, and a course work option.