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Aerodynamics Certificate

Become highly adept in aerodynamics theory, practice, and application

The Aerodynamics Certificate is taught on-campus and online by world experts in the field, all faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics. Their approach—pairing the fundamentals of aerodynamics with hands-on learning experiences and project-based opportunities—makes this certificate unique.

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Aerodynamics—the fluid dynamics of gases—is commonplace in many aspects of engineering, from the flow around airplanes to other transportation systems, wind turbines, and building designs. These flows are analyzed with theoretical, experimental, and computational methods. A thorough understanding of aerodynamics fundamentals is critical to interpret the results from experiments or computation. 

Who is this certificate for?

This certificate is for qualified professionals who want to enhance their skill set and can be a foundation to continue toward a graduate degree. It is also valuable for degree-seeking students looking to develop a concentration that gives them an edge in their career path.

What you'll Learn

Develop best-practice analysis skills using state-of-the-art tools, methods, and workflows. If you’re already a professional engineer, you will strengthen your fluid mechanics background and be able to transition into more advanced concepts and applications and interpret results from experiments or computation. All students will gain the foundational knowledge and ability to further explore any area of aerodynamics that suits their interest.

What you need to know

  • This is a 9-credit graduate certificate.
  • Students take one required course (Advanced Fluid Mechanics, 3 credits) and two other 3-credit courses chosen from six available electives.