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Graduate Certificate | 9 credits | 2 Semesters to Complete

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Aerodynamics, to put it simply, is the analysis of the forces and resulting motion of objects in the air. It concerns the four forces of flight (lift, weight, thrust, and drag), fluid dynamics, gas dynamics, compressible flow dynamics, and heat transfer. In short, aerodynamics focuses on all objects moving through the air, whether they are rockets, planes, cars, trains, birds, or even, yes, humble golf balls.

Earning an online certificate in aerodynamics from Michigan Tech, then, is relevant to several engineering fields. At MTU, you’ll gain an advanced understanding of the fundamental fluid dynamics of gases, from low- to high-speed flows. You'll apply theoretical, experimental, and computational methods. You'll investigate complex data to help designers and engineers design the best planes, trains, cars, spaceships, and rockets possible.

Prepare for the exciting and fast-growing worlds of aerodynamics and aerospace engineering with an online certificate in aerodynamics from Michigan Tech. Alternatively, use this certificate as a solid foundation to continue your education in a graduate program.

What Courses Will You Take in Your Online Aerodynamics Certificate?

When you attend MTU’s online certificate in aerodynamics program, you’ll take interactive courses carefully designed by industry professionals.

Students begin by building a fundamental understanding of aerodynamics in Advanced Fluid Mechanics, which provides a broad introduction to problems involving rockets, pumps, sprinklers, and other physical phenomena. Each student will then choose two of the following classes below to create the course of study that aligns with their interests and career goals:

  • Computational Fluids Engineering
  • Advanced Heat Transfer
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineers
  • Physical Gas Dynamics
  • Intermediate Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
  • Compressible Flow/Gas Dynamics

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Why Earn Your Online Certificate in Aerodynamics?

At MTU, we help aspiring aerospace engineers and scientists develop into professionals who stand out in their industries and lead the world of innovation. We make sure that students have all the resources and tools needed to excel both academically and professionally. Employers and schools around the nation will recognize your online certificate in aerodynamics from MTU for both its excellence and rigorous curriculum.

There are a lot of reasons why MTU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics is ranked 63rd among the top 180 graduate programs in the nation by US News and World Report. When you earn your online certificate in aerodynamics here, you’ll gain these benefits:

  • Experienced Faculty

    Thanks to MTU’s small class sizes, you’ll get plenty of chances to work closely with faculty mentors who specialize in a diverse range of fields — including space engineering, plasma physics, and fuel cell technology. Faculty members such as Dr. Jeffery Allen and Dr. Chunpei Cai bring their years of experience into the classroom to prepare you for the daily challenges and rewards of aerodynamics and aerospace engineering.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a working professional or a recent graduate looking to enter the world of aerodynamics. Our online certificate in aerodynamics is designed to fit around your work and personal schedule, with synchronous and asynchronous courses you can take when it’s convenient for you.

  • Professional Preparation

    With high-quality training and opportunities for hands-on experience, our online certificate in aerodynamics will provide you with the knowledge and skills to stand out among other job and graduate school candidates.

What Can You Do With an Online Certificate in Aerodynamics from MTU?

Aerodynamics professionals work in the aerospace, aviation, and automotive industries. They also directly impact everything from shipping and transportation to government and space programs. Thanks to the rigorous training and guidance from industry experts you’ll find at Michigan Tech, you’ll be more than prepared to excel in a diverse range of careers.

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Popular Careers

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Aerodynamics engineer
  • Aeronautical engineer
  • Research engineer
  • Missile flight analysis engineer
  • Blast and debris analysts
  • Turbine aerodynamics engineer
  • Turbomachinery engineer

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