Graduate Student Tuition Support

Credit/Tuition Caps

  • Credit and tuition caps for supported graduate students are set by each department once per year during summer session.
  • The dollar amount for tuition caps includes the following:
    • nine to twelve credits of tuition (depends on each department)
    • the maximum lab fee charged to graduate students by semester for the past year
  • Support will pay 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the student's home department tuition cap (tuition and course/lab fees).
  • For specific departmental values please refer to the Tuition Caps file.

Account Codes

For graduate tuition support use:

  • E512 Tuition GA/GRA/GTA
  • E572 Fellowship - Tuition Remission.

Timing of Index Charging

  • Fall graduate tuition support is normally charged to the individual indexes in October
  • Spring graduate support is normally charged in February
  • Summer graduate support is normally charged in June.

Banner & Process Details

The Graduate Student Tuition Support form (TZAGRSP) in Banner was created to gather support information from departments. The department enters the data to create tuition support which will be reflected on the student’s billing statement.

The Process

  • The TZAGRSP form is available for data entry several weeks before the student billing is available to students.
    • An email is sent to gradsupport-l once the form is open.
  • The information entered on this form creates a report in Accounts Receivable the following morning.
  • Accounts Receivable enters the information into Banner to produce the correct credit to the student account and charges the support to the appropriate clearing account. This information updates the student account by a process which runs hourly.
    • Please be reminded that information entered on the TZAGRSP form does not automatically update the student bill.
  • Changes can be made to TZAGRSP until the form is locked out by Financial Services and Operations, normally a few weeks into the semester.
    • A notice will be sent to gradsupport-l ten to fourteen days prior to the closure of TZAGRSP.
  • Once closed, Accounts Receivable reconciles the clearing accounts to the charges assessed per student, per department; spreadsheets are sent to the departments for further review.
    • Amounts charged to indexes can be adjusted, indexes added or PENDNG changed to the appropriate index.
    • Departments forward their completed spreadsheets to Financial Services and Operations who will then coordinate the update process from the clearing account into the respective indexes that are charged for the graduate tuition support.