Graduate School

Minimum Stipend Rates

Students on assistantship are paid bi-weekly and students on fellowship are paid monthly.

Stipend Rate Categories Minimum 2021-22 Rates per semester1 Minimum 2020-21 Rates per semester1
MS Students $ 7,287 $ 7,144
Incoming or Continuing PhDs Lacking an MS Degree $ 7,287 $ 7,144
Incoming or Continuing PhDs with an MS Degree2 $ 8,461 $ 8,295
PhDs After Passing Qualifying Exam (with or without MS) $ 8,833 $ 8,660
PhDs After Passing Qualifying and Proposal Defense Exam (with or without MS) $ 9,209 $ 9,028
1. Departments or faculty can use funds from external or Michigan Tech Fund sources to provide PhD students with support of up to $41,000 per year and MS students with support of up to $35,000 per year (not including tuition). Support from Michigan Tech Fund sources can also be used to supplement stipends funded from Michigan Tech's General Fund (i.e., GTA stipends).
2. This stipend rate will be used by the Sponsored Programs Office for all PhD students during the preparation of budgets for proposals to external sponsors.

Please review resources for current students for additional requirements and policies regarding assistantships.