Graduate School

Policies and Procedures for Fellowships

General Guidelines

  • The main difference between assistantships and fellowships is that fellowships do not require any specific service to the University.
  • The Graduate School awards a limited number of fellowships through the Michigan Tech Fund.
    • To be eligible for internal fellowships, the chair of the department, the graduate program director, or the student’s advisor must nominate the student during the yearly competitions. Students cannot apply for internal fellowship funds on their own.
  • Coding indicates external (FELE) or internal (FELI) fellowships.

Additional Employment

  • Most fellowships have requirements that prohibit additional employment.
  • Students are cautioned to carefully read the requirements for their fellowship before accepting outside employment, or they risk losing their fellowship.

Payment Information

  • All graduate student fellowship checks will be cut on the 24th of each month and mailed or directly deposited on the 25th.
    • If the 24th falls on a weekend, the checks will be cut the preceding Friday.
  • Checks cut on the 24th will be for the following month (e.g., checks cut on August 24 will be for September 1 through September 30).
  • Please note that the first check of the semester will not be distributed until the student confirms his/her enrollment for the semester.
  • Each program needs to enter the student's information into Banner (FZAFELL) by the 11th of each month.
  • Fall semester months are September, October, November, and December; spring semester months are January, February, March, and April; and summer session months are May, June, July, and August.

Tax Information

  • The University is required by federal law to withhold taxes on fellowship payments to some nonresident alien students depending on their visa status and tax treaties.
  • The withholding requirements are determined by the University tax accountant.