Chapter 9: Use

Sponsor Funded Property

Faculty, staff, and student groups are permitted to use University equipment and property to benefit the teaching, research, public service, or administrative activities of the University.

The use and/or rental of University property, equipment, materials, or supplies (regardless of value) to entities, agencies, businesses or individuals outside the University (except property designated for rental purposes) is strictly prohibited.

Federally funded property must be used for the sponsored agreement from which acquired.  When it is no longer needed for the original project, it may be used for other federal research programs, with first preference given to projects from the same sponsoring agency and second preference given to other federally sponsored projects. 

Federally owned equipment may only be used on non-federal activities with written approval from the federal sponsoring agency; contact Financial Services and Operations for specific agency procedure.

The principal investigator of a sponsored project is responsible for allocating the equipment resources accountable to her/his project. The principal investigator is also responsible for seeing that the equipment is appropriately stored and safeguarded when not in use. However, the equipment is not the private property of the principal investigator, and is not for private use. Use may be additionally restricted by the terms of the individual award document.

Idle or Excess Equipment - Equipment acquired with federal funding no longer in use, or 'excess' to the needs of the research project must be reported as excess to Financial Services and Operations.