96 Facts About 906

September 6 (aka 9/06) may be your new favorite holiday!

906 day celebrates everything about the 906 area code.

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  1. Michigan Tech has three active alumni chapters in the UP. 
  2. The word “Yooper” was first established in 1979.
  3. Michigan Tech has 12 active alumni chapters in Michigan.
  4. Our local alumni chapter serves our Keweenaw alumni and friends by hosting 6-8 events annually and raising scholarship funds for local students.
  5. Area code 906 was created on March 19, 1961 as a split from what was area code 616.
  6. Area code 906 is not expected to be exhausted until at least 2023.
  7. Area Code 906 is the only area code for the UP and is the 6th largest area code geographically east of the Mississippi River.
  8. 906 is a sphenic number, a positive integer that is the product of three distinct prime numbers (2 × 3 × 151).
  9. 906 is the number of Perfect graphs with 7 vertices.
  10. In 906 AD in China the Tang Dynasty fell to the Sung rule.
  11. And yes, if you flip it, it is identical!
  12. The OAP (Outdoor Adventure Program) was created in 2006 with support from alumni to provide students great outdoor experiences.
  13. In 1947, Michigan was assigned three telephone area codes: 313, 517, 616. By 1961, an increase in population led to the creation of 906.
  14. The last of 83 counties established in Michigan was Dickinson County, located in the Upper Peninsula.
  15. The Mackinac Bridge fare today for a standard passenger vehicle is $4. When it first opened in 1957, the fare was $3.75.
  16. Almost all of Michigan is located in the Eastern Time Zone, except for four counties in the Upper Peninsula: Iron, Dickinson, Gogebic, and Menominee, that all lie in the Central Time Zone.
  17. Sault Ste. Marie is the third oldest remaining settlement in the United States.
  18. The UP-Copper Country had largest commercial deposit of native copper in the world.
  19. Houghton is the birthplace of professional hockey.
  20. Mackinac Island is considered part of the UP and is in area code 906.
  21. Although 906 is one of the largest area codes by land, it is one of the smallest area codes in terms of population.
  22. Lake Superior surrounds most of the UP and is the world’s largest body of fresh water.
  23. The UP is about 29 percent of Michigan’s land mass, yet it only holds 3 percent of the state’s population.
  24. The are 89 known species of fish in Lake Superior.
  25. The full Upper Peninsula was given to Michigan in exchange for giving the Toledo Strip to Ohio.
  26. The UP is the most prominent part of the Midwestern Snow Belt.
  27. The Keweenaw Peninsula is the snowiest place east of the Rockies.
  28. The UP has the most extensive motor trail system in the United States; every single town in the UP is connected via this trail.
  29. No point within the state of Michigan is more than six miles from an inland lake.
  30. Michigan has more freshwater shoreline than any other state.
  31. Michigan is the only state consisting of two peninsulas: Upper and Lower.
  32. Michigan touches four out of the five Great Lakes, more than any other state.
  33. There are currently more than 62,000 living Michigan Tech Alumni.
  34. The Weather Channel ranked Hancock, Michigan as the third snowiest city in the United States.
  35. There are 79 regional Michigan Tech alumni chapters.
  36. College Magazine ranks Michigan Tech the safest college campus in the nation.
  37. The Edmund Fitzgerald was the largest ship to sink on Lake Superior; the ship went down November, 9 1975.
  38. The Mackinac Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere.
  39. No matter where you stand in Michigan, you will never be farther than 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes.
  40. Michigan has about 150 lighthouses, more than any other state in the U.S; the UP alone has 96 lighthouses.
  41. 84 percent of the Upper Peninsula is covered by forest.
  42. The most snowfall in the Keweenaw in one year: 356 inches.
  43. Copper Harbor is the farthest town from an Interstate Highway in the continental U.S (251 miles).
  44. Every UP zip code starts will 49-.
  45. Marquette is the largest city in the UP, with 19,600 people.
  46. The Seney Stretch is the longest curveless section of highway in Michigan and longest east of the Mississippi River.
  47. The largest inland lake in the Upper Peninsula is Lake Gogebic; 14 miles long and 2.5 miles wide.
  48. Isle Royale National Park is the least-visited national park in the country.
  49. The oldest and largest lava flow known on Earth is located on the Keweenaw Peninsula.
  50. The UP has the highest concentration of Finns outside of Europe.
  51. The Soo Locks is the largest waterway traffic system in the world.
  52. Mount Bohemia has the largest vertical drop in the Midwest.
  53. Michigan is a Native American word meaning “Great Water.”
  54. People who live in the Upper Peninsula are known as Yoopers.
  55. Michigan is home to one of 30 certified International Dark Sky Parks in the world (located in Mackinac City).
  56. You are never more than 30 miles from a harbor anywhere in the state of Michigan.
  57. 906 is the largest area code in Michigan.
  58. Michigan was the first state to plow roads, specifically in the Upper Peninsula.
  59. The Mackinac Bridge took about three years to complete.
  60. Michigan has more registered boaters than any other state in the US.
  61. The southern-most tip of the UP, Menominee, is roughly the same latitude (~45.10 N) as Venice (45.44 N) or Milan (45.46 N) in Italy.
  62. The least amount of snowfall in the Keweenaw in one year was 81 inches.
  63. It's 629 miles from Ironwood to Lambertville, the two farthest corners you can drive to in Michigan.
  64. Tahquamenon Falls is the third largest voluminous waterfall east of the Mississippi River.
  65. Tom Izzo (Michigan State Men’s Basketball Coach) grew up in the UP in Iron Mountain; he played basketball at Northern Michigan University.
  66. There are 1,700 miles of Great Lakes shoreline.
  67. Bay de Noc has more than 30 sunken ships in the water.
  68. The Upper Peninsula contains nearly 400 species of birds.
  69. Keweenaw County has the smallest population in the UP.
  70. There are 89 known species of fish in Lake Superior.
  71. Lake Michigan gets so clear after the winter ice melts that you can see shipwrecks 300 feet below the surface from the air.
  72. Mount Arvon is the highest peak in both the Upper Peninsula and Michigan: 1,979 ft above sea level.
  73. In 1910, Houghton County had a population of 88,000 people, the record for the highest population of any county in the UP.
  74. The UP contains about 29 percent of the land area of Michigan.
  75. The UP has three state universities: Lake Superior State University, Northern Michigan University, Michigan Technological University. All three universities have won NCAA Division 1 hockey championships.
  76. The town of Paradise is located in the U.P, while Hell is located in the lower peninsula.
  77. The Porcupine Mountains are part of the oldest mountain chain in the world.
  78. Lake Superior contains about 10 percent of the fresh water in the world.
  79. Pictured Rocks is the first officially designated National Lakeshore in the US.
  80. Michigan Tech established two world records in Houghton: the largest snowball and the largest snowball fight in 2006.
  81. The UP has more than 100 waterfalls.
  82. The U.P. has 12,000 miles of rivers and streams.
  83. There is only one interstate highway in the Upper Peninsula.
  84. The largest natural freshwater spring, Kitch-iti-kipi, is located in the UP.
  85. The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is one of the highest man-made ski jumps in the world; it's located in Iron Mountain.
  86. The Keweenaw Peninsula is the birthplace of organized skiing in the US.
  87. The distance from the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula to the southernmost point is 125 miles.
  88. The Chain Mine Steam Pump Engine in Iron Mountain is the largest reciprocating steam-driven engine built in the US.
  89. The UP is farther north than some places in Canada. It's separated from the Lower Peninsula by the Straits of Mackinac, but contiguous to Wisconsin.
  90. Michigan was nicknamed “The Wolverine State” for an abundance of wolverines that once roamed the UP.
  91. Cars are not allowed on Mackinac Island.
  92. Houghton is the fifth largest city in the UP.
  93. Finlandia University is the only private university in the UP.
  94. Mont Ripley was sold to Michigan Tech in 1944 for $1.
  95. The UP has more than 3,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails.
  96. Fall colors typically peak the second to third week of October.