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The expression "he has his head in the clouds," generally means someone lacks focus and is not being realistic. For Michigan Tech researcher Raymond Shaw, winner of the University's 2016 Research Award, the expression means it's just another day at the office. Read More

By Mark Wilcox | Published

History and Science Meet in the Keweenaw

Students from Michigan Technological University partnered with Keweenaw National Historical Park to put a new tech twist on local history. The students created an interpretive display on mine water geothermal energy. Together, the display and Youth Historian program offer Keweenaw youth a chance to learn more about their heritage. Read More

Leaving the Electrical Grid in the Upper Peninsula

While Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is not the sunniest place in the world, solar energy is viable in the region. With new technologies, some people might be inclined to leave the electrical grid. A team from Michigan Technological University looked into the economic viability of grid defection in the Upper Peninsula. Read More

Chemistry Duo Wins Bhakta Rath Research Award

Congratulations to Melanie Talaga and Tarun Dam for winning the 2016 Bhakta Rath Award. The award is given to an exceptional doctoral student and advisor pair at Michigan Technological University making a difference with their research. Read More