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  • A memristor powers neuromorphic computing in a Michigan Tech lab dedicated to helping direct brain stimulation systems be more efficient and responsive.
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    Michigan Tech Researchers Develop ‘Smart’ Deep Brain Stimulation Systems for Parkinson’s Patients

    Researchers at Michigan Technological University are applying neuromorphic computing to improve the effectiveness and energy efficiency of deep brain stimulation systems used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Currently incurable, Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects millions worldwide. Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an alternative to medications that are effective but lose effectiveness as patients develop drug resistance. Over time, larger doses of medication become necessary to control the condition and with them come potentially serious side effects. DBS is one alternative.

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November 29, 2022
Michigan Tech and Eagle Mine Partner for EV Battery Recycling Innovation and Climate Sustainability

On Nov. 16, the Biden Administration announced a $74 million funding package to advance domestic battery recycling and reuse that will strengthen the nation’s battery supply . . .

November 7, 2022
Michigan Tech Challenges Heritage High School Students to ‘Think Inside the Box’

On Thursday, Oct. 27, Michigan Technological University brought its acclaimed Unboxed Challenges™ program to Heritage High School in Saginaw Township as part of its mission . . .

November 1, 2022
MTU One of Five Partners Pursuing Freshwater Research and Innovation Center in Traverse City

Michigan Technological University is one of five organizations working to develop a Freshwater Research and Innovation Center in Traverse City. The new center will be located on West Grand Traverse Bay on . . .

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