• The alpha wolf of Isle Royale for several years, the Old Gray Guy is third from left in a pack of six wolves in this image capture taken by a researcher Isle Royale in winter.

    Isle Royale’s Old Gray Guy: How One Wolf Impacted an Entire Ecosystem

    The male wolf’s arrival via ice bridge in 1997 changed everything. On the heels of co-authoring a study in Science Advances, Isle Royale wolf-moose study co-leader Sarah Hoy explains how he triggered a series of knock-on events that impacted the national park’s forested ecosystem for decades. As we grow older, it’s common to muse about our legacies. Have we enriched our community or benefited society? Will any of our achievements be remembered long after we’re gone? Like the George Bailey character played by Jimmy Stewart in the holiday film classic "It’s a Wonderful Life," we may wonder if the world would be different if we’d never existed.

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