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  • Imaging at an atomic resolution is delicate work – the scanning transmission electron
      microscope (STEM) at Michigan Tech may help researchers develop new and exciting nanomaterials.

    AI Searches for New Nanomaterials

    There’s a method to my development of new nanomaterials. ". . . we all lose our charms in the end But square cut or pear shaped these rocks don't lose their shape Diamonds are a girl's best friend . . ." Marilyn Monroe may have convinced previous generations that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in the future people may not sing the praises of sparkly carbon-based gemstones; they might be singing about new nanomaterials related to graphene and nanotubes. Thanks to a multidisciplinary collaboration using artificial intelligence (AI), physicist Yoke Khin Yap at Michigan Technological University and a team of researchers hope to develop new nanomaterials that are smaller and much stronger than diamonds.

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