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October 4 - October 10, 2020

Few homecoming festivities on any campus can rival Michigan Tech’s for zaniness and all-around fun! In addition to the football game, the celebration features the crowning of the homecoming royalty, a cardboard boat race featuring dozens of boats, competitive challenges, and many other events that promote Husky Spirit.

This year's theme is...

A Happy Little Homecoming!

(Bob Ross theme)

Congratulations to all of our teams that participated in Homecoming this year! Here are the final results:

Class A
1st Place - Phi Kappa Tau
2nd Place - Sigma Phi Epsilon
3rd Place - Triangle Fraternity
Class B
1st Place - Alpha Gamma Delta 
2nd Place - Daddy's Girls
3rd Place - Theta Chi Epsilon
Class C
1st Place - Beta Sigma Theta and Delta Phi Epsilon
2nd Place -  MUB Board
3rd Place - La Maison
Overall Winner: Phi Kappa Tau
Honorable Mentions: Sigma Tau Gamma for fastest City Solve U time, Straight Vegetables for most on theme photos at City Solve U, and The Has Beens and Never Were for still showing up and completing City Solve U even when the rest of the team bailed. 

2020 Schedule:

Wednesday, September 30

  • Team Meeting - 7 p.m., Zoom *One person from each team MUST attend. 

Sunday, October 4

  • Pi Mile – 10 a.m. until Friday, Oct 9 at 4 p.m., Virtual
  • Window Painting – 10 a.m. – noon and noon – 2 p.m., SDC
  • Kickball Tournament – 2–4 p.m., Softball Fields 1-4

Monday, October 5

  • Shirt Swap – 2 p.m., MUB Circle
    • To get a shirt, you can donate $5 (or more) or an item from this list. All donations go to the Husky FAN food pantry.

Tuesday, October 6

  • Take and Paint – 2 p.m., MUB Circle
  • Minute to Win It Games with MUB Board – 6–7 p.m., Walker Lawn

Wednesday, October 7

  • Trivia Night – 7–8 p.m., Virtual

Friday, October 9

  • CitySolveU – 4–7 p.m., Campus or Virtual

Saturday, October 10

  • Cornhole Tournament – 11 a.m., Walker Lawn

Check out the rule book HERE.

Here are the results of Homecoming 2019:

Class A:

Runner Up - Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity

Winner - Beta Sigma Theta Fraternity

Class B:

Runner Up - Mafia Residence Hall

Winner - Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority

Class C:

Runner Up - Theta Chi Epsilon Sorority and Sigma Rho Fraternity

Winner - Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Cardboard Boats Overall: Sigma Tau Gamma

Overall Winner of Homecoming 2019 - Beta Sigma Theta Fraternity!



Homecoming is sponsored by Student Leadership and Involvement, Athletics, Alumni Relations, your Student Activity Fee, and many other generous supporters.