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September 26 - October 2, 2021

Few homecoming festivities on any campus can rival Michigan Tech’s for zaniness and all-around fun! In addition to the football game, the celebration features the crowning of the homecoming royalty, a cardboard boat race featuring dozens of boats, competitive challenges, and many other events that promote Husky Spirit.

This year's theme is... coming soon!

Congratulations to all of our teams that participated in Homecoming 2020! Here are the final results:

Class A

1st Place - Phi Kappa Tau

2nd Place - Sigma Phi Epsilon

3rd Place - Triangle Fraternity

Class B

1st Place - Alpha Gamma Delta 

2nd Place - Daddy's Girls

3rd Place - Theta Chi Epsilon

Class C

1st Place - Beta Sigma Theta and Delta Phi Epsilon

2nd Place -  MUB Board

3rd Place - La Maison

Overall Winner: Phi Kappa Tau


Honorable Mentions: Sigma Tau Gamma for fastest City Solve U time, Straight Vegetables for most on theme photos at City Solve U, and The Has Beens and Never Were for still showing up and completing City Solve U even when the rest of the team bailed. 

Here are the results of Homecoming 2019:

Class A:

Runner Up - Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity

Winner - Beta Sigma Theta Fraternity

Class B:

Runner Up - Mafia Residence Hall

Winner - Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority

Class C:

Runner Up - Theta Chi Epsilon Sorority and Sigma Rho Fraternity

Winner - Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Cardboard Boats Overall: Sigma Tau Gamma

Overall Winner of Homecoming 2019 - Beta Sigma Theta Fraternity!



Homecoming is sponsored by Student Leadership and Involvement, Athletics, Alumni Relations, your Student Activity Fee, and many other generous supporters.