Transfer Guides

Transfer Guides and Equivalency Listings

Transfer Guides

If you’re thinking of transferring to Michigan Tech from a two-year community college, our transfer guides will help. They are designed to provide you with an outline of classes that can be taken at a variety of community colleges. You are not required to complete all of the classes listed on the guide before enrolling at Michigan Tech.

Transfer Equivalency

Transfer equivalency listings of classes from many schools are also helpful—especially if you don’t see your school listed in the transfer guide system. Changes occasionally take place at Michigan Tech and at other colleges, so the information provided is subject to change.

Transfer Services

Transfer credit is granted for appropriate courses completed off-campus with a grade of "C" or better. If you are a current or former Michigan Tech student, review the information provided by Transfer Services. Our Associate Director, Mark Provoast, will be happy to help with any questions you have. Give him a call at 888-688-1885 or email