Undergraduate Admissions


Engineering students reference book.

Get the fundamentals. Go your own way.

Customize your engineering degree. Michigan Tech College of Engineering grads average seven interviews and a 98 percent placement rate.

Turn innovative ideas into a reality with an engineering degree customized to fit your interests. You'll take courses fundamental to all engineering disciplines then customize up to 40 percent of your degree path to reflect your own interests. Or, select a defined pathway in geospatial engineering or systems engineering.

Huskies don't wait to make their mark. Create and innovate in Enterprise, Senior Design, and International study programs. Work with 160 full-time faculty dedicated to your success.

Crazy Smart Experiences:

  • Developing ways to make manufacturing processes function smoothly and efficiently
  • Working with your advisor to create a specialized degree program that meets your career goals--everything from using nanoparticles to treat cancer to designing roller coasters
  • Learning from world-class faculty in small classes, allowing you to know your professor on a first-name basis
  • Completing a capstone project through Senior Design or Enterprise

Create the Future with Careers In:

  • Engineering
  • Project Management

Huskies Get Hired By:

  • Ford
  • Greenheck
  • IBM
  • Visteon
  • Government agencies

Customize your Degree:

Emphasis areas available in:

You can also earn a master's in one additional year through the Accelerated Master's program.

Take Courses Like:

  • Geospatial Info Technology with Cartography
  • Low Fidelity System Modeling
"I want to work on improving and overhauling the US electrical grid and facilitating the transition from traditional energy sources to clean energy sources. I don't know what that means yet because it doesn't look like anyone is doing exactly what I feel like needs to happen but I'll figure it out along the way. If I quit every time I wasn't sure of how to move forward I would never get anything done." Zoé Ketola

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