Computer Engineering

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My Michigan Tech: Abby Nelson

“As soon as I walked on campus I knew. I was coming to Michigan Tech.” Abby’s visit helped her decide on a school. Her love for math helped her choose a major: computer engineering—her favorite part is circuits and soldering. And her time on an Enterprise team (working on real projects with Ford and Fiat Chrysler), gives her the experience she needs for the career she wants.

Conceive, design, and build systems.

Michigan Tech’s computer engineering program, ranked No. 7 in the nation, gets you ready for the work you choose in a diverse field—from movie special effects to nanotechnology for bionic implants.

Computer engineers work comfortably on both sides of the digital hardware and software gap. You’ll develop versatility to work in numerous fields, including embedded systems, computer networks, robotics, or VLSI system design. 

Use lasers, microprobes, robots, and anechoic chambers in lab-based learning programs. Join Blue Marble, Robotic Systems, or Wireless Communication Student Enterprise teams and work with real companies.

"I chose Michigan Tech because of the people I met on my visit. I think the students are the reason I've stayed." Haden Wasserbaech, Computer Engineering

Be Ready for What Tomorrow Needs:

  • Embed wireless transmitters into pacemakers, enabling real-time monitoring capabilities for cardiac physicians and their patients in the Wireless Communication Enterprise.
  • Work one-on-one with a faculty member researching wearable technology, GPS-based systems, and more in the undergraduate Research Scholars Program.
  • Develop and implement environmentally-aware, sustainable, and equitable engineering projects through Engineers Without Borders.

Create the Future with Careers In:

  • Controls engineering
  • Development and validation engineering
  • Firmware engineering
  • Software development
  • Software engineering

Huskies Get Hired By:

  • Dematic
  • Gentex
  • Motorola
  • Open Systems International, Inc.
  • OnStar

Related Programs:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer science
  • Computer network and system administration

Customize your Degree:

Minors available in:

  • Electrical engineering

Focus areas available in:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer networks
  • Embedded systems
  • Microchip design
  • Network security
  • Robotics
  • System Performance

You can also earn a master’s in one additional year through the Accelerated Master’s program.

Take Courses Like:

  • Hardware/software integration
  • Systems programming
  • Computer organization
  • Human-computer interactions

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