Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering—BS

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Reach Your Potential with Michigan Tech

Computer engineering is a steadily growing field, and the world needs skilled professionals who can work comfortably on both the software and hardware sides of a computer system. A computer engineering degree from Michigan Tech will make you uniquely qualified to bridge this gap and succeed as a computer-integration specialist.

As a Michigan Tech student, you will be taking advantage of some of the best opportunities in the nation for laboratory-based learning, real-world design, and engineering entrepreneurship.

Enterprise Concentration

Enhance your degree with business and leaderships skills. Students pursuing this concentration participate in Michigan Tech's interdisciplinary undergraduate research and development program. In addition to applying your major skills on a project for a company sponsor, competition, or student project ideas, you have the opportunity to develop business and leadership skills in this business-like setting.

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Focusing on Your Future

As a graduate of the computer engineering program, you will have developed the versatility to work in numerous fields, including embedded systems, computer networks, robotics, or VLSI system design. Your career options can range from movie special effects to designing nanotechnology for bionic implants and beyond.

Educational Objectives and Programs Outcomes for the B.S. in Computer Engineering