Engineering, General

Engineering students working together on a steel bridge.

It's up to you. Engineer your career.

Engineers apply math and science to solve problems and make innovations available to the world. Learn the basics. Explore, then choose the field that's right for you.

Engineering Explorations—special events for first-year Huskies—help you understand degree options and career opportunities in each discipline. Meet advisors and upper-level students. Get familiar with faculty and facilities.

Not sure which engineering field is right for you? Our General Engineering option allows you to take all of the intro courses you need while learning about your options. All while staying on track to meet graduation requirements! You'll have up to three semesters to make a well-informed decision about your major.

Your first year, you'll be scheduled into a group of 20 to form a cohort. You'll have the same sections of math, engineering, and physics. And within your engineering classes, you'll be on a team with three other students. Your team becomes a study group, research group, and a support, so there is always someone there to help!

You'll still have lots of opportunities to get involved! Choose from one of our Enterprise teams or get involved with faculty led research.

"Being a LEAP Leader helped me prepare for my trip to Haiti because I gained so much knowledge in preparing group learning lessons. Our EWH team wanted the students to learn the theory of series and parallel circuits, forces to build bridges, first aid, and how to build water filters. This was a challenge for us because the students had not been exposed to any of these topics or hands-on learning, and they also spoke a different language.

Thanks to our Haitian translator, Wesley, and the experience I gained through the LEAP program at Michigan Tech, I had experience with taking a creative twist to difficult lessons to help the students gain understanding of some cool engineering topics in a way that would be impactful to them. As a matter of fact, the lessons we taught in Haiti were very similar to a LEAP sessions that I would facilitate in the Engineering Fundamentals department at Tech. I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained in not only my coursework, but also in facilitation of peer learning through the LEAP Leaders program.

Because of my experiences here, I have had the great opportunity to share my education with those students who may have never had the opportunity, had we not been able to go to Haiti. If we even inspired one student to continue their education one day, the whole trip would be worth it. I believe that the key to solving many of the challenges in Haiti starts with education. It's been incredible to be a small part of that." Megan Byrne, leading the student team who taught STEM to Haitian high school students through Engineering World Health and Michigan Tech's Learning with Academic Partners (LEAP) program

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