General Forestry

Student looking at a leaf while doing general forestry field study

Give yourself time to find your calling.

Tomorrow needs stewards of the environment. It needs professionals who know how to create a more sustainable future. You're up for the challenge—but with so many majors to choose from, you're not sure where to start.

At Michigan Tech, you can take your time. The general forestry option lets you dip your toes into the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science while you find the major that’s right for you. You'll have the advantage of time (up to three semesters) to explore six distinct majors without delaying graduation or losing money pursuing a degree that isn't the right fit.

Your dedicated advisor will help you choose classes based on your interests to help with your decision, all while making sure you're meeting requirements for your potential choices. Once you do decide, you'll be able to transition seamlessly into your degree program.

From the day you set foot on campus, you'll find a home in the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. The highlights? Social and intellectual interaction. Weekly speakers. Friday coffee. The Tree House. You'll get to know your professors on a first-name basis and join a tight-knit community of change makers who share your passion for our natural world.