Cruise a timber stand. Join the 80-acre club.

Forestry is the art and science of managing forest resources. You’ll learn to develop management plans and options for forested landscapes and implement them to meet society’s needs while maintaining ecosystem integrity and find a career with the US Forest Service, state divisions of forestry, and the forest industry, including forestry and environmental consulting firms.

Study soil science, biometrics, hydrology, and silviculture. Identify native tree species. Mark and harvest timber. Participate in a 14-week field semester in our 4,609 acres of research forest (one of the largest contiguous forested areas in the eastern United States—right outside our back door). Work alongside faculty through the $1,100 Earn and Learn Assistantship, offered to all students accepted into the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science (CFRES). Earn a degree that's SAF accredited (which employers look for). Plus, get to know your CFRES family on a first-name basis through regularly scheduled coffee talks and timber cruising.

Want to accelerate your career? You can do that, too. Earn a master’s in one additional year through our Accelerated Master’s program.

"Through setting up timber harvests, running chainsaws, tapping trees for maple syrup, riding in the cab of harvesters, and working with other students, I have grown both as an individual and a natural resources professional."Tilly Behrmann, Forestry

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Emma Jones, Forestry

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