Biomedical Engineering

Restore health. Ease pain. Extend life.

Biomedical engineering focuses on understanding living systems and predicting the body's interactions with external materials or devices—minimizing the risk of adverse effects. You'll combine biology and engineering with a desire to help others and solve complex problems on the front lines of biology, medicine, and research and development.

Leaders in health-care technology hire Michigan Tech graduates—and sponsor research. Conceptualize dynamic heart models. Join the Innovative Global Solutions Enterprise and develop an infant incubator for use in the developing world. Become a published author for developing a sensor array with high sensitivity for detection of various pathogens. Choose an emphasis area to customize your degree: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, or biotechnology. Add a pre-professional health program to prepare for medical school. You can also earn a master's in one additional year through our Accelerated Master's program.

"Michigan Tech drew me in for a lot of reasons: The smaller campus, emphasis on lab work and technology, and the gorgeous Keweenaw Peninsula; but the people here sealed the deal. Everyone up here is absolutely fantastic, kind, helpful, and genuinely wants to see you succeed." Katie Gingras, Biomedical Engineering

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