Posting to Social Media

Campus is encouraged to share UMC-produced visual assets onto departmental social media channels. No need to credit us—we are happy to share!

We may delay sharing some assets with you until after their intended use—such as Michigan Tech Magazine, a commercial, or digital ad—is publicly available.

Asset Access

Learn how to get access to UMC-produced assets.


Sign up for a Cumulus account to learn about and access new photos. Additionally, you can download seasonal photos from our Flickr albums.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are published. You can request the original MP4 and/or SRT caption file(s) for a UMC-produced video by emailing

Video content should only live on one YouTube channel, so please do not repost onto departmental accounts. Duplication is considered to be spam by YouTube and others and risks having all videos flagged and taken down.

Sharing on Social Media

Share photo and video content onto your department's social media accounts to engage and grow your followers.


You can post one and sometimes multiple photos within an individual update. Include a sentence or two to introduce the photos you are posting. Adding photos to individual posts is best for timely updates to your followers.


Facebook allows you to add photo albums. Photos albums are perfect for evergreen content, such as photos of your lab space, amenities, or campus in general. You can—and should—include an album description as well as descriptions within each individual photo.

Don't forget to add appropriate alternative text to make your photos accessible when posting on social media platforms.


Although you can post YouTube links on your social media channels, we encourage you to upload an MP4 file directly. Native uploads give the best chance to be seen by the largest audience. Include a sentence or two to introduce the video you are posting.

Please make sure your videos are accessible by also uploading a subtitle or caption file when posting on social media platforms.