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Allison Carter, Director of Admissions


7 hours ago - Average mid-career salary: $101,000—it's why we're No. 2 on this list. #crazysmart
20 hours ago - Grow it. Chop it. Decorate it. Forest management gets festive. 🎄🎄 #mtuforestryclub #annualchristmastreesale #michigantech #traditions #schoolofforestry #environmentalsciences #HuskyHolidays #nobletforestryandwoodproductsbuilding 🎄 🎄 🎄 #foresters #mtusfres #forestmanagement @society_of_american_foresters #landmanagement #thinthepines #treesthisweekend #christmastreesale
Yesterday - How much snow will December bring? Alumni, take a guess:
Yesterday - Soil breathes—and #MichiganTech ecologists want to find out what that means for our maple trees, Arctic permafrost, and deserts.
Thursday - RT @SBEatMTU: Dean Johnson Named Dean of the SBE #michigantech #MTUSBE
Thursday -
Thursday - Good statue-building snow, eh? #mtuwc
Thursday - Good statue-building snow out there, eh? #mtuwc #michigantech #welovesnow ❄️❄️❄️#mtuscenes
Wednesday - Most of my family history is lost because my great-grandmother was ashamed. Before I was born, my dad went to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and discovered our heritage. It made sense—my great-grandmother from Baraga looked native. Growing up in a small, white, farm town, there wasn’t much culture. But my dad was a vendor on the pow wow trail, so that’s where I picked a lot up. I want to keep that culture going. Our language. Our food. Our music. Dance. It’s everything we have, and it’s slowly dying off. I serve as treasurer of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society. We're working with faculty to restore our culture on campus. And we work with big automotive companies who have cultural networks right in their firms—last weekend we visited Chrysler. You can blend in being a native, but you’re culturally very different. #michigantech #mtuhumans #nativeamericanheritage #campus #commUNITY @bureauofindianeducation @chryslerautos

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