Gloved hands hold small vials in an enclosed lab hood.
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From 3D printing to RNA extraction, from wastewater to remote sensing—COVID retooled research. And research continued on: In Argentinian blueberry fields, Antarctic lakes, the Great Lakes, and lunar labs. Read more Research

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My Michigan Tech: Abby Nelson

“As soon as I walked on campus I knew. I was coming to Michigan Tech.” Abby’s visit helped her decide on a school. Her love for math helped her choose a major: computer engineering—her favorite part is circuits and soldering. And her time on an Enterprise team (working on real projects with Ford and Fiat Chrysler), gives her the experience she needs for the career she wants.

Play Engineers 3D Print a Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilator video
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Engineers 3D Print a Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilator

There is a need for low-cost hardware to deal with COVID-19 all over the world. Today, with the evolution of digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printers and circuit milling systems, humanity can share designs with others who can then replicate medical-grade devices for the cost of locally sourced materials.