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2019 Michigan Tech Magazine: Issue 2

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The new College of Computing. Reimagining mines. A meditation walk, esports, and 20 years of Enterprise. Read the latest issue of Michigan Tech Magazine online.

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Play My Michigan Tech: Mallory Benkert video
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My Michigan Tech: Mallory Benkert

Mallory Benkert, an undergraduate chemical engineering major, talks about why she chose Michigan Tech and sharing her love for it through Summer Youth Programs. The short answer? The people and the feeling she gets from mastering something new.

Play Where Research Goes Outdoors video
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Where Research Goes Outdoors

At Michigan Tech’s Ford Center and Forest, a living laboratory and 5,000 acre outdoor classroom, students are able to study birds and other wildlife in their natural habitats while professors lecture in the moment on what’s actually in hand. Working side-by-side, students and faculty gather data, conduct research, and make discoveries that actively shape our understanding of the natural world.

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