University Marketing and Communications (UMC) is a team of strategy-first brand champions. We communicate Michigan Tech voices, opportunities, and experiences to the entire world. Academic departments, divisions, institutes, and organizations collaborate with UMC to promote undergraduate and graduate student enrollment, cultivate alumni affinity and support, and position our faculty researchers as leading scholars.

"University Marketing and Communications is a great collaborative partner—from idea generation, to design and development. Michigan Tech Admissions is proud to partner with UMC on recruitment projects."

Allison Carter, Director of Admissions

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3 hours ago - As a child, Tanner Kero attended Hockey School at Michigan Tech. This summer, the forward with the Chicago Blackhawks returned—as an instructor.
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15 hours ago - What makes our campus so safe? Our 7,200 crazy smart students and the 12,000 community members who embrace them. It's why we're number two on this list!
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Yesterday - Mechanical Engineering Technology. Computer Network and System Administration. Electrical Engineering Technology. Construction Management. Surveying Engineering. Michigan Tech School of Technology prepares crazy smart students for successful careers in applied engineering.
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Yesterday - "Transportation and mobility needs are not limited to urban regions. We are proud to be one of three universities selected to serve rural areas of the US.” –Pasi Lautala, Director, Michigan Tech Transportation Institute 🚥⛽️🚍🚟🚞🚏 . . . . . #michigantech #innovationshore #BeyondTrafficInnovationCenter #whatdrivesus #cybersecurity #automatedvehicletechnologies #transportationanalysis #USDepartmentofTransportation