University Marketing and Communications

Photography and Video

Our studio team produces the imagery that brings Michigan Tech's external marketing to life.

These multimedia specialists capture our stories—the people, research, experiences, and opportunities of Michigan Tech—to represent and enhances our recruitment and reputation missions.

Staff Listing

University Projects

Our staff provides visuals for high-impact, external-facing University initiatives spearheaded by University Relations and Enrollment. Examples include:

  • commercials and brand videos
  • digital advertising
  • marketing photography packages
  • Michigan Tech News and Unscripted
  • Michigan Tech and Research Magazines
  • recruitment initiatives

We set project strategy and our production schedule at the beginning of each semester and adjust during our monthly planning meeting. You can view our roadmap to see what we are working on.

Campus Projects

We accept requests through our studio request form. Requests that do not support our mission or have an external impact may be referred to external vendors where appropriate.

Because our project strategy and production schedule is set, it is best to give as much advance notice as possible—a minimum of 90 days for video and 14 days for photos is recommended.

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