• A Michigan Tech police sgt. who is also a raptor rehabilitator holds a bald eagle in her arms.

    MTU Police Sergeant Helps Huskies and Rescues Raptors

    When she’s not keeping an eagle eye on Husky Nation, MTU Public Safety Patrol Sergeant Beth Maatta watches over birds of prey as the only certified raptor rehabilitator in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Young eagles oink.
    "He’s still finding his voice," said Beth Maatta, carrying the softly grunting, injured immature bald eagle from his outdoor enclosure into an outbuilding for weighing and feeding. Placing the bird down on folded toweling, claws firmly gripped in her heavily gloved hands, Maatta prepares to swaddle the raptor. But creating what she calls a birdie burrito is easier said than done. Before Maatta can get him tucked in, he’s unfurled his wings, fiercely beating them in the air hard enough to blow her hair back Beyoncé style.