Open vs Closed Orgs

Be sure you know if your organization is an "Open" or "Closed" organization as only Open organizations are eligible to apply for an annual budget from the Student Activity Fee Fund.

Open Student Organization

  1. An organization that has minimal or no standards, or pre-existing conditions that must be
    met for membership other than general interest in group activities.
  2. An open organization may have an established attendance policy to determine active
    and inactive members.
  3. An open organization may have an attendance- based executive board restriction.
  4. An open organization may charge membership dues for the operation of the organization
    and events.

Closed Student Organization

  1. An organization where membership is based upon pre-existing conditions or standards
    that must be met for membership such as, but not limited to, bids, invitations,
    membership approval votes, interviews, applications, or merit.
  2. An organization that has a membership GPA restriction, with the exception of university
    policy regarding officer GPA’s (Officers must maintain a minimum of a 2.25 GPA, both cumulative and most recent semester).
  3. An organization that has restrictions, other than attendance, on executive board
  4. An organization that prohibits individual students from joining the organization due to
    their membership in another group or limits their members ability to join another group.

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