Honors & Awards

Michigan Tech honors faculty in a variety of ways to recognize excellence in teaching, instructional innovation, research, and service. The honors and awards listed below are those that are funded, or otherwise managed, by the provost's office.


Distinguished & University Professorships

These honorary titles recognize the achievements of outstanding faculty across campus.

Current and past honorees

Nominations will be called for annually so long as the designated university limits would not be exceeded. See the procedures document for selection criteria, overall process, and other important details.


Distinguished Teaching Award

Recognizes two faculty, one for a lecturer, professor of practice or assistant professor, and one for an associate professor or professor, for their outstanding contribution to the instructional mission of the university. The Distinguished Teaching Award Decision Committee determines the award based on student ratings of instruction, surveys, and additional information from student and colleagues.

CTL Instructional Award Presentation Series

Awarded for exceptional or extraordinary innovation in instruction. Currently, awards are given to recognize faculty in three categories: Curriculum Development and Assessment, Innovative or Out of Class Teaching, and Large Class Instruction. Awardees are selected through the Deans' Teaching Showcase, and are reviewed by past award winners and representatives from administration.

Distinguished Research Award

Awarded for outstanding achievement in research, interpreted broadly as scholarly endeavor. It is based on the impact that a person has made toward advancement of knowledge or the state of scholarship as evidenced by either a sustained productive scholarly endeavor or a single noteworthy breakthrough in research. This award symbolizes Michigan Tech's high standard of research achievement.

Faculty Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes faculty whose service to the University community has significantly improved the quality of some aspect of campus or community life. Eligibility details and nomination procedures are available through the University Senate.