Faculty-Led Study Abroad

Thank you for your interest in developing a faculty-led study abroad course! Although developing a study abroad course requires some extra preparation on your part, it will also provide you and your students with extraordinarily rewarding experiences. We recommend that you begin the planning process 18 to 24 months ahead of time.

Course Development Process

Below, you will find the steps to help you develop a successful study abroad course. All new courses would follow the curriculum proposal process.

Step 1—Contact the Office of Student Affairs

Student Affairs will work with faculty interested in leading a study abroad course. Faculty interested in developing a course or learning more about what options are available for faculty-led study abroad will learn about a range of options available (from working with established programs abroad to working with third-party providers) as well as about standards of good practice for study abroad. 

Step 2—Talk to your chair or dean

Once you have spoken with student affairs, you should plan to talk with the chair of your department or dean of your school to ensure your course will be approved or supported.

Step 3—Recruit students

In the fall semester before you are scheduled to lead your study abroad course, you will work with student affairs to create a marketing plan and begin recruiting students.

Need Help?

Please feel free to contact study away and abroad experiences with any questions you have regarding these steps.