Emeritus/Emerita Rank & Appointment

Emeritus/Emerita faculty status is an honorary rank awarded to a retired faculty member who has served Michigan Technological University with distinction for at least 10 years of full-time employment.


Department Chair/College Dean

  • Department/College makes a recommendation in compliance with procedures included in the department/college charter. Recommendation memo for Emeritus/Emerita Status.
  • The recommendation must be approved by the department chair (if applicable) and college dean.
    • Though emeritus/emerita requests can be submitted any time before a faculty member retires, it is recommended that the dean forward their recommendation to the provost's office at least one month prior to the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting  in order to allow time for the required reviews and meet the Board of Trustees deadlines.
  • Recommendation must include the proposed title for emeritus rank as elected by the retiree. Senate Policy 703.1 states that, “All emeriti faculty will be assigned rank titles that correspond to the highest rank in their faculty category," and "will retain any honorific title at which they retired.”


  • Review, approve and forward the recommendation to the President.


  • Review, approve and forward the recommendation to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • Once emeriti/emeritae status is approved, president’s office coordinates annual emeritus faculty events.

Board of Trustees

  • Following Board of Trustees approval, the Board secretary will send a letter to the faculty member congratulating them on their appointment. Copies of the letter will be sent to the pertinent offices in order for the faculty member to be granted privileges outlined in Senate Policy 703.1.

Related Documentation

Board of Trustees, Policy 6.8, Faculty Emeritus

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Senate Policy 703.1

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