Curriculum Proposal Process (Binder Process)

Changes in courses, curricula and fees are processed annually through the “binder process.”  Each department receives a curriculum binder in August from the registrar which includes current information about courses, fees and degree requirements.  Department Curriculum Coordinators prepare the binder for changes in courses, fees and degree requirements which have been approved by the department faculty, department curriculum committee (where applicable), and the department chair.    

A guide to this process and all necessary forms are available on the registrar office's Course Proposal Guide page.
Department Curriculum Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Attend training session
  • Attend the Curriculum Review meeting
  • Ensure quality of information in department binder
  • Ensure adherence to process timeline
  • Share all changes which affect other departments’ degree programs electronically (using the method prescribed by the registrar's office) and in person at the Curriculum Review meeting.
  • Determine whether course changes in other departments affects their department’s courses or degrees and seek faculty input on these changes.
  • Be  available for the entire process timeline and designate an alternate
  • Serve as contact persons in their department to resolve problems and answer questions is a listserv for department curriculum coordinators and alternates and facilitates interdepartmental communication about course and program changes.

Any proposed changes in courses used by other departments for degree requirements or as prerequisites must be communicated as soon as possible so departments will have time to adjust their courses and/or degrees. This includes degree changes which add or drop courses offered by other departments. Conversely, the coordinator is responsible for determining whether course changes in other departments affects their department’s courses or degrees.

Information about course numbering, credit hours, and half-semester courses can all be found in the Course Proposal Guide (see Course Information, Course Add, and Glossary sections).

 See the Course Proposal Guide page for current forms.