Current Initiatives

This year's initiatives are in-progress and will be shared once complete.

Michigan Tech's Policies & Procedures on Master's Degrees

Provost Huntoon convened an ad hoc working group to consider a variety of issues concerning graduate education at the masters level at Michigan Tech. Issues included the number of credits currently required for a masters, the delineation between coursework and research based masters, admissions to masters programs, and changes that should be considered to facilitate the use of graduate certificates as subunits of a masters degree (stacking).

Working Group's Final Report

Commencement 2.0 Committee

Based on recommendations and feedback about shortcomings of the existing commencement process for students and their families, the Commencement 2.0 Committee (C2C) was tasked with considering a graduate-specific ceremony and outlining a vision and timeline for any changes.

C2C Final Report

Digital Badging

The Digital Badging Committee was tasked with making recommendations on how to implement digital badging at Michigan Tech.

Digital Badging Final Report

Previous Initiatives

At the beginning of academic year 2018-19, the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs formed three task forces to assist in leading a series of discussions relating to the future of Michigan Tech - an initiative the President is calling Tech Forward. These task forces included:

Diversity Council

Charged with providing the provost with prioritized recommendations for efforts/actions that will improve campus diversity, inclusion, and climate based on data collected through various means; reviewing information provided by units on diversity-related initiatives; examining University policies through a diversity and inclusion lens; and producing quarterly updates about best practices around campus and disseminate to the campus community.

Diversity Council Final Report

Task Force on Innovation

Charged with engaging in open-ended, blue-sky thinking regarding ways in which Michigan Tech can improve the ways in which the University meets the educational needs of current and prospective students, including but not limited to availability, accessibility, and convenience.

Task Force on Innovation Final Report

Task Force to Improve Student Success and Retention

Charged with examining student success/retention and graduation rates of undergraduate students at Michigan Technological University with the goal of increasing both.

Student Retention Task Force Final Report