Faculty Distinguished Service Award

The Faculty Distinguished Service Award recognizes faculty whose service to the University community has significantly improved the quality of some aspect of campus or community life. Nominations are solicited from university members and reviewed by the award committee.

Faculty Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Year Award Winner Department
2024 Jennifer Becker Civil, Environmental, & Geospatial Engineering
2023 Michael Mullins Chemical Engineering
2022 Caryn Heldt Chemical Engineering
2021 No recipient selected  
2020 No recipient selected  
2019 No recipient selected  
2018 Mary Raber Pavlis Honors College
2017 Richelle Winkler Social Sciences
2016 No recipient selected  
2015 No recipient selected  
2014 Charles Wallace Computer Science
2013 Paul Charlesworth Chemistry
2012 Martha Sloan Electrical and Computer Engineering
2011 Pushpalatha P. Murthy Chemistry
2010 B. Patrick Joyce College of Business
2009 Alex S. Mayer Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
2008 Janice M. Glime Biological Sciences
2007 John A. Jaszczak Physics
2006 Thomas E. Merz College of Business
2005 No recipient selected  
2004 Douglas E. Oppliger Engineering Fundamentals
2003 Peck Cho Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
2002 Blair D. Orr College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
2001 Leslie Leifer Chemistry
2000 Carl L. Anderson Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics