Graduate School

Applied Physics—MS, PhD

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Fast Facts

  • State-of-the-art laboratories with recent renovations and upgrades
  • The ratio of graduate students to research faculty is approximately 3:1
  • Our department partners with several government laboratories including Argonne National Lab, the Army Research Lab, the Naval Research Lab, and Oak Ridge National Lab.
  • On-going collaborations with the Pierre Auger Observatory, the largest observatory in the world, to study high-energy cosmic rays, and the new High-Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) observatory for TeV gamma ray detection.
  • Location for The Elizabeth and Richard Henes Center for Quantum Phenomena created by a recent $2.0 million gift.

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Graduate Programs in Applied Physics

During the past two decades, new branches of physics have gained increasing attention, particularly where traditional physics intersects with other applied disciplines. The Applied Physics programs at Michigan Technological University were designed to allow students the ability to focus in fields such as biophysics, physics at the nanoscale, condensed matters, materials physics, atmospheric physics, optics/photonics and optoelectronics.

Most of the faculty members of the department have established research programs in these “frontier” areas of applied physics. This program is intended to provide students the academic flexibility to meet the demands of such frontier areas. The required core courses will be tailored to meet the needs of student depending on their individual area of research.

The Physics Department hosts seven labs, is involved in the operation of three observatories, and provides a machine shop, liquid nitrogen facility, and advanced research computing workstations and clusters. Researchers also have easy access to scanning electron microscopy labs and other advanced characterization and fabrication facilities.

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