Accelerated Master's Programs

An Accelerated Master's Accelerates Your Career

Be where job demand is and make more money. US News & World Report reports that people with master's degrees earn a lifetime average of $400,000 more than their counterparts with bachelor's degrees. Employment in master's-level occupations are expected to grow by almost 17 percent through 2026, the fastest of any education level. It's clear from performance indicators: an advanced degree can provide an immediate and significant return on your education investment.

Put Michigan Tech's accelerated master's program to work for you. Earn your master's with only one additional year of study beyond your bachelor's. You're already in learning mode. This is the time.

If you're a junior-level Michigan Tech undergraduate student studying in one of the degree areas listed here it's easy to apply now—it's fast and free.

If you're thinking about changing your major to a program that offers an accelerated master's degree option, schedule a meeting with your advisor to get started.

Master's Degree Options

Bachelor's + 1 Year = Master's Degree

Our accelerated master's degree program is a faster, easier way for Michigan Tech students to earn a master's degree. Up to nine approved credits from your bachelor's degree can be applied towards your accelerated master's degree. Consult your graduate program director for your individualized plan. If you're thinking about pursuing a master's following your bachelor's this option may be the right choice for you. 

How Does It Work?

For your accelerated master's, you can double count up to nine approved credit hours toward both degrees, and still be eligible for Senior Rule—saving time and money.

With Michigan Tech's accelerated master's degree program, you benefit from:

  • Speed—complete your master's degree in one additional year of study beyond your bachelor's.
  • Savings—spend less time and less money earning your degree.
  • Variety—choose from multiple accelerated master's degree options.

Higher Lifetime Earnings

The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that people with master's degrees earn up to 43 percent more than those with bachelor's degrees—the accelerated program helps you get there faster!

Eligibility Requirements

Do you qualify? Here's a checklist.

To be considered for the accelerated master’s program, you must:

  • Be a current Michigan Tech undergraduate student who has achieved at least junior-level status and be in good standing
  • Or be a Michigan Tech Alumni with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 who has graduated within the last six semesters (2 years)
  • Intend to complete both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Michigan Tech
  • Apply for admission to an accelerated program through the Graduate School application process

Each department has unique requirement criteria—including GPA and letters of recommendation. For more detailed information, visit the graduate program page in your department of interest.

Master's Degree Options