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Automotive Systems and Controls Certificate

The Automotive Systems and Controls certificate program is also available online.

Achieve High-Level Skills in Emerging Automotive Technologies

What are the advantages of a Graduate Certificate in Automotive Systems and Controls from Michigan Tech? Our program is different, because we go beyond powertrains to look at total vehicle systems, from chassis to human interface:

  • Learn to develop and apply engineering design, analysis, and controls to a complex system, incorporating numerous embedded systems controlling a dynamic system
  • Deepen your systems integration knowledge, including requirements, design, technical, safety, and economic analysis for mobility systems
  • Enhance your interdisciplinary skills to approach complex systems effectively

What you need to know

The Graduate Certificate in Automotive Systems and Controls (ASC) is an interdisciplinary certificate with courses from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students completing this certificate will develop competencies in controls, systems engineering, and systems integration, encompassing multiple aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering with a primary focus on automotive applications.

This certificate requires a minimum total of 15 credits. A maximum of 6 credits is allowed in courses at the 4000 level. Students beginning this Certificate program should have a working understanding of control theory (equivalent to that gained in EE 3261 or MEEM 4775) and computer programming or simulation tools such as MATLAB. 

The Graduate Certificate in Automotive Systems and Controls provides graduate students and non-degree seeking students with at least a Bachelor's degree in a STEM discipline with advanced knowledge of the design, integration, and control of electro-mechanical components, subsystems, and complex multi input-output powertrains.