Admissions Types

Individuals may apply for full admission to pursue a graduate degree and/or graduate certificate, or be nondegree seeking to enroll in a course. Individuals who do not meet the requirements for full admission may be eligible for provisional admission. Admission may also be deferred.

Full Admission or Nondegree Seeking

New Graduate Students

To apply for full admission, students submit their application(s) and all other required materials to the Graduate School.

Required application materials may be uploaded via a student's personalized MyMichiganTech website. MyMichiganTech access is sent by email to students within a week of their online application submission. Students may also request their electronic letters of recommendation and track the status of their application(s) on their MyMichiganTech website.

Complete applications are forwarded to graduate programs for their review and recommendation. The Graduate School will notify applicants of their admission decisions once they are received from the program/department.

Current Graduate Students

Currently enrolled Michigan Tech graduate students (including nondegree-seeking graduate students) applying for a different or additional graduate program must complete a new online application.

Nondegree Seeking

Students who wish to enroll in courses may apply for nondegree-seeking status by submitting an online application. Not all courses are available to nondegree-seeking students. This status is open to the following individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent:

  • Current K-12 teachers applying to a Professional Development Program (must supply proof of current teacher certification to be granted the Applied Science Education graduate tuition rate)
  • Domestic students
  • International distance students
  • Michigan Tech employees
  • Students who do not qualify for provisional admission
  • Students who are not able to obtain full admission to programs that do not offer provisional admission

Admissions Requirements

Test scores, such as GRE or TOEFL, are not required to apply for nondegree-seeking status. Students whose academic or language proficiency is not sufficient for acceptable participation in the chosen class will be advised to register for a lower-level class and/or will be expected to take language courses concurrent with the graduate enrollment.

Admission to a graduate degree or certificate program will require submission of a new online application. Nondegree-seeking students can transfer a maximum of one-third of the total number of non-research credits required for a specific graduate degree if they change from nondegree-seeking to degree-seeking status at Michigan Tech.

Departments and programs determine which courses taken by nondegree-seeking students can be used to satisfy requirements for a specific degree when accepted.


University employees, pending approval of their supervisor, are welcome to pursue graduate degrees or enroll in courses to further their education.

  • To pursue a degree, fill out a new application and submit all required materials. See program pages for specific admission requirements.
  • To enroll in a course, apply as a graduate nondegree-seeking student prior to enrolling. Not all courses are available to nondegree-seeking students.

International Students: Additional Information

Students who are citizens of countries other than the United States who want to apply to a graduate certificate, master’s, or PhD program should complete our International Graduate Application online. International students cannot pursue a graduate certificate on campus unless it is earned in conjunction with a graduate degree.

Graduates of a three-year bachelor’s degree program may be required to take additional courses prior to beginning their graduate course work.

Provisional Admission

Some programs offer provisional admission to applicants who have deficiencies that must be corrected before full admission to the graduate program can be granted. To verify if provisional admission may be granted for a program of interest, students must follow-up directly with the Graduate Program Director.

How do students apply for Provisional Admission?

Deficiencies that may be considered for provisional admission include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low or missing test scores
  • Poor English language proficiency
  • Missing prerequisite courses

To be considered for provisional admission, students must e-mail the Graduate School and provide reasoning for their request.

How are students notified about Provisional Admission decisions?

A student’s admission letter will describe the provisions granted and set a time limit for the student to complete the requirements for full admission. Graduate programs will monitor provisionally accepted students and will notify the Graduate School about students who do not complete the requirements.

  • Students who successfully complete the requirements within the time limit will receive full admission to the graduate program.
  • Domestic students who fail to complete the requirements within the time limit may have their status changed to nondegree seeking.
  • International students who fail to complete the requirements within the time limit will not receive full admission to the graduate program.

Deferral of Enrollment

Enrollment may be deferred for a period of 12 months, for example, from one fall semester to the next. Deferral beyond this time is not allowed, and admission will require a new application. Contact the Graduate School for more information.