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With a community of 450 business students, we are large enough to lead and small enough to care, preparing Huskies for a culture where technology impacts our lives—faster than ever before.

Undergraduate Majors

The College of Business at Michigan Tech provides an AACSB-accredited curriculum in our undergraduate program. We have 95+ years offering business-related courses at a flagship technological university. Our classes are nimble and adaptable—just like the real world. Professors take the time to learn your career goals so they can provide you with the knowledge, tools, and experiences you need to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Bachelor's Degrees

Michigan Tech is the place to develop a business career fueled by technology and innovation. Choose a degree program to learn more.

Accounting, BS

Our accounting major goes beyond teaching procedures to focus on the knowledge and skills required to solve real problems for high-tech organizations. Graduates are uniquely positioned to audit technologically based companies. Add a data analytics concentration to prepare for what tomorrow needs.

Business Analytics, BS

Our business analytics major focuses on business problem-solving, providing business intelligence, and making better data-driven decisions—while improving the customer experience. Make sense of a massive collection of data. Build models to better predict the future and improve customer and business outcomes.

Construction Management, BS

Our construction management major prepares its graduates with best business practices to plan, budget, and supervise any building or commercial construction project from start to finish. Graduates have a 100-percent job placement rate and earn industry-leading salaries throughout the Midwest.

Economics, BS

With a strong theoretical and analytical foundation, the economics major broadens to include business, engineering, science, mathematics, and other social sciences. The result is a well-rounded educational experience—and graduates who are prepared to solve high-level, high-tech business, economic, and social problems.

Engineering Management, BS

Engineering management majors complete a comprehensive business curriculum, as well as courses in science, engineering, and math, bridging the gap between engineering and business. Coursework is tailored to meet industry and professional standards, preparing graduates to lead teams and projects.

Finance, BS

As a finance major, you will master financial decision-making tools and concepts to propel your financial services career. Add a minor in financial technology (FinTech)—the first of its kind in the Upper Midwest—to increase career opportunities and be prepared for what tomorrow needs.

Management, BS

Our management major at Michigan Tech develops confident, tech-focused problem solvers who put people first. Michigan Tech is the place to develop a business career fueled by technology and innovation. Two concentration options allow students to specialize and define their interests and career goals:

Management Information Systems, BS

Our management information systems major prepares students for a growing job market, as MIS graduates are in demand nationwide. Courses in programming, usability, network administration, and graphic and information design shape graduates as team players, project managers, and problem solvers.


Our marketing major offers a technology-driven and creativity-charged curriculum featuring marketing analytics, brand management, and digital marketing. Learn integrated marketing communication, new product development, consumer behavior and culture, and sales technology.

General Business

Not sure which major is right for you? No pressure. Our Business Major Finder is a good place to start. Still unsure? The general business option offers students up to three semesters to explore business majors before making a decision. Our core curriculum gives Huskies a taste of all business disciplines, so that they can confidently pursue their interests and passions.

  • $6.15M
    total scholarships and grants awarded to undergraduate business students
  • 400+
    employers attend Career Fair on campus seeking business majors
  • 6
    industry advisory boards

Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about the College of Business undergraduate degree program at Michigan's flagship technological university.

Dual Majors

Students in the Michigan Tech College of Business have the flexibility to expand their skills and career options by pursuing a dual major—with as few as 32 additional credits. Courses from one degree can double count in another. And when electives are chosen wisely, students can leverage a broader business background—making them even more employable. Combinations include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Accounting and Management Information Systems
  • Management Information Systems and Marketing
  • Marketing and Engineering Management
  • Management and Marketing


Get a taste of the language of business at a flagship technological university with a business minor. A minor allows you to specialize in a discipline outside of or complementary to your major. We recommend that you begin your minor studies as early as possible in your academic career.

  • Business
  • Business IT Solutions
  • Construction Management
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation
  • FinTech
  • Global Business

Find Your Pack

With nine business majors to choose from, you're sure to find an academic home at a top-rated business school where you can geek out with other students who love the same things you do. Find what makes you tick. Work hard. Change the world.

The accelerated master's degree program allows you to complete a master's degree in just two additional semesters beyond your bachelor's—including a Tech MBA®.

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STEM + Business, Only at Michigan Tech

Technology is shaping our lives faster than ever before. Michigan Tech's College of Business provides real-world graduate education experiences steeped in STEM to prepare the future business leaders of tomorrow.

Student Stories

Tomorrow Needs You

Supercharge your entrepreneurial spirit and meet the demands of a technology-driven society at a flagship public research university powered by science, technology, engineering, and math. Graduate with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to succeed in tomorrow's high-tech business world.

"A business degree from Michigan Tech is more than coursework. It's an experience preparing strategic leaders for tomorrow's challenges."Nathan Sodini, 2022 Outstanding Student in Business, engineering management and finance student